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The market2world team has disbanded, but we very much appreciated the clients we served for a decade in business. 

Nathan Rudyk, President & CEO 

Prior to joining MEMEX Inc. – a five-year market2world client – as Vice President of Marketing in 2015, Nathan was the founder and CEO of market2world communications and an award-winning marketer, author, teacher and broadcaster. He is passionate about client success, has worked for start-ups, multi-nationals and marcom agencies across Canada, and has led winning campaigns for many emerging companies as well as tech giants including Microsoft, EDS, IBM, Industry Canada, and Xerox. More.

Paul Brent, Senior Communications Strategist

Paul enjoyed an award-winning career in the news business prior to joining to market2world. From 2001 to 2011 he was CTV’s technology specialist, covering the technology industry in his popular Tech Now weekly program that looks at consumer innovations that permeate daily life. His awards include Technology and Science Reporter of the year and "Best News Story" of the year. More.

Stephanie Rudyk, Conversation Architect

After star turns at market2world in the summers of 2011 and 2013, the co-founder of @SRSShanghai returned the summer of 2014 after completing the first year of an MA in Chinese Politics and Economy at Shanghai Jiao Tong Unversity. When she's not transforming the lives of the children of migrant workers or studying how to change the world, Steph made a difference in the working lives of our clients, contributing writing, editing and social media skills honed as Editor in Chief of Queen's International Observer, and Assistant Editor at Urban China Magazine.

Jessica Rousseau, Graphic Communications Strategist

Jessica made multimedia conversations happen for market2world clients. No matter which media she's working in, Jessica harnesses the power of client ideas into market-ready corporate Web sites, logos, social networking campaigns, collaterals, and moving images. She also teaches at Algonquin College, her alma mater, in the Professional Writing program, taking students through the basics of working with web designers, blogging and writing for web environments. You can find her now at

Hasi Eldib, Video Engineer

In the video realm, Hasi did it all, from shooting to editing to final production of client videos that range from YouTube to ultra HD quality. Hasi’s experience includes creating documentaries for major broadcasters to capturing daily news for CTV, plus a wide range of corporate assignments. In every instance, he understood the process of translating a client's ideas and products into a high-impact video message.

Ken Friesen, Podcasting Engineer

Podcasting is an essential tool in the Web 2.0 communications kit, and Ken applies his creativity to market2world's podcasting projects. An expert in on location recording, and the magic ears and hands on several Juno-award winning recordings (in fact, he's the Chief Sound Dude for the Canada's annual Junos) Ken takes the audio back to his 24-track, 24-bit recording facility where he works his magic (under many lava lamps) to make our clients sound larger than life.

Jo Danaher, Financial Engineer

Do you know what creative communications people are great at? Creative communications! Know what they're not good at? Filling out government forms, sending invoices and dealing with accountants. That's why we have Jo. From her nearby bookkeeping lair she sweeps into our offices several times a week to gather up all the little bits of paper and turns them into other bits of paper that the bankers and accountants say are quite impressive. Who are we to argue? We just do what Jo says and everything is beautiful!